Boy, oh boy…

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I miss posting sooo much but my computer crashed!!!!! I’m on someone else computer right now and Im hoping I get mine back in the next week or two. This is torture! I hope to be back up and posting again soon and I will be back with some interesting new topics so stay tuned!


Rent Your Own Stripper Pole!!!

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As pole dance lessons and strip clubs become more and more popular, everyone is jumping on the band wagon. You know what that means? More readily available poles for you! Check it out, for $100 in NJ you can rent a pole for your home or party (or maybe your own PRIVATE party wink, wink) . Beats paying up to $400 for one, especially if you only need it for one night….

Not bad at all.

Creative Pervert

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Photo Courtesy Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office
Jeffery Polizzi (pictured above)  installed a camera in his shoe and stuck his foot under dressing room doors to snap photos of women trying on swimsuits in surf shops.
Seriously, if I was a victim of this guy i’d kick him in his forehead. Would I really be THAT upset about the whole incident? Probably not because its not like he tried to rape me. Would I be upset enough to kick him in his forehead? Yes because if you want to look at me naked douchebag you had better ask first!


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Ok I know I’ve been gone for a looooong period of time. I will soon be finding myself with a lot of extra time on my hands, so I PLAN to start writing more on the sexual nature of this lustful world we live in. But the key word here is PLAN which im not THAT great at doing so we’ll see what happens! But I do hope you continue to enjoy my previous posts and the new posts soon to come!

How to frik your wee wee with anything you can find…

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The more I search on this sounding topic, the worse the images get!!! Jesus Christ, excuse my swearing but what the hell is going on in the world? People are running out of things to do with themselves. Someone needs to start a club helping people to refrain from sticking dangerous things in their pee holes. It’ll probably be like telling a child not to run with scissors, in one ear and out the other until someone gets uncooked spaghetti stuck in their bladder. I’m sorry, I cant even get my thoughts straight right now. Just look at this …

This video show pictures of dicks with things stuck in them such as a fork, a leg razor, a stalk of celery, a butter knife, a toothbrush, and the heel on a stiletto shoe. How lovely is that? It also covers stories on a guy who tried to get sexual gratification from sticking dry spaghetti up his dick and had to go to the hospital when the shit got stuck in his bladder. He couldn’t find anything else besides spaghetti? Like a fork for example? Then there was the guy who stuck a flower in his dick…didn’t think that one all the way through now did he?

If you think this sounds horrid then I caution you not to watch this next video. I’m posting it because I know I would want to watch it anyway lol but I’m telling you, especially guys, this shit is gruesome. I still don’t want to believe it is real. I’m just pretending its all just a wonderfully doctored video (the dick looks fake to me) used to freak us the fuck out. And I will continue telling myself this.

When you click on the link scroll down and the video is the last thumbnail that says SNUFFX. Guys, I told you not to watch. Don’t be mad at me when your dick packs its shit and leaves you for even entertaining the idea of this stuff by watching this video.

John Prescott described it the best: “You think youre becoming immune to the profferings of the underbelly of the internetz, then something comes out of the woodwork (and someone stuffs it up their cock)”

First urethra sounding, now urethral sex??? Why????

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I wrote a post yesterday on urethral sounding and I made a comment that watching it made my stomach hurt, a little. Well I was doing a bit more research and stumbled, face first into a video with URETHRAL SEX!!! AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!! Oh my god. The sounding video hurt my stomach a little. This video literally gave me sharp pains in my entire midsection and made me want to puke. I had to shut my eyes to watch it…Lol, seriously it was that painful to witness. I don’t know who the hell comes up with this stuff but it should be illegal. A vagina isn’t good enough? Not even a mouth or an anus? You gotta have sex with a pee hole? Pee can hardly fit through my pee hole. I highly doubt a dick could fit in it.

An entry in the Urban Dictionary online suggested that it feels the best when the penis actually reaches the bladder. Gross! OK so in the video I found there is a woman (who looks like someones mom who got picked up from a street corner), then there is the guy banging her and a ton of camera men, obviously, because there are a billion flashing lights. They use what looks like half a speculum or a shoe horn to open up her urethra wide enough for easier penis insertion. The camera men are surely getting the best close ups possible with out actually being inside her urethra themselves so you  can clearly see its not a hoax. He is fucking her in her urethra………and he cums inside of it!!! She sounds like she’s loving it and he is definitely loving it and after he gives her a bladder infection by cumming in her, she urinates so all the cum and pee pour out. Then she continues to play with her stretched,swollen and disfigured urethra for the camera. Has to be THEE MOST disturbing sex act I’ve actually witnessed so far.

I’m not easily shocked when it come to sex but I have to admit this one freaked me the fuck out. I watched the video for you so you wouldn’t have to but you can watch it for yourself if you want to…

and if anyone can tell me why someone would do this, please, fill me in!

Urethra Sounding…very unnerving sexplay.

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I first came across the term “sounding” while porn surfing online. Urethral sounding is the medical use of probes called sounds to increase the inner diameter of the urethra and to locate obstructions in it. Apparently it is also a form of sex play. Even though I say to each his own when it comes to what turns you on (as long as its not harming anyone else), I have to admit this hurt my stomach to watch! The man in the particular video I came across had inserted the rod end of a can opener into his pee hole, and I mean completely inserted. He then proceeded to jerk off with the rod still in place and came pretty quickly from it.

Excuse my naivety on the subject, but as far as I knew most men cringed to the thought of anything going inside of their little pee hole. Soap and water getting in there freaks them out. Imagine my suprise when I found out there are men who actually enjoy the sensation of having a metal rod lubed up and inserted down in there! Of course there are medical risks involved including UTI and a torn urethra but using the proper tools carefully can lower risks.  Here are some of the PROPER  medical tools used for sounding:

 The Tools

Sounds (or Urethral Dilators, to use the proper nomenclature) come in a variety of shapes and sizes – lets have a look at the differences:

Sounds - urethral dilators

Dilators are also suitable for women, the depth of insertion governed by the ’stop’ on the shaft, therefore, quite safe; but may not be long enough for everyone

Sounds are quite similar to the Henk above – without the ridge.

They are suitable for men & women and they are relatively safe.

Van Buren
These are for the experienced ‘player’ very long sounds especially for reaching the male bladder.

These tools are typically made from surgical stainless steel and are highly polished.

I also read on a thread in a chat room a woman asking if females could sound. Which was a good question considering our pee holes aren’t that visible. But as you can see from the picture below, it is definately possible! Would I ever try it? I dont think so!!!

For a more in depth description or personal experience on sounding read this:

sounding tools info: