Urethra Sounding…very unnerving sexplay.

I first came across the term “sounding” while porn surfing online. Urethral sounding is the medical use of probes called sounds to increase the inner diameter of the urethra and to locate obstructions in it. Apparently it is also a form of sex play. Even though I say to each his own when it comes to what turns you on (as long as its not harming anyone else), I have to admit this hurt my stomach to watch! The man in the particular video I came across had inserted the rod end of a can opener into his pee hole, and I mean completely inserted. He then proceeded to jerk off with the rod still in place and came pretty quickly from it.

Excuse my naivety on the subject, but as far as I knew most men cringed to the thought of anything going inside of their little pee hole. Soap and water getting in there freaks them out. Imagine my suprise when I found out there are men who actually enjoy the sensation of having a metal rod lubed up and inserted down in there! Of course there are medical risks involved including UTI and a torn urethra but using the proper tools carefully can lower risks.  Here are some of the PROPER  medical tools used for sounding:

 The Tools

Sounds (or Urethral Dilators, to use the proper nomenclature) come in a variety of shapes and sizes – lets have a look at the differences:

Sounds - urethral dilators

Dilators are also suitable for women, the depth of insertion governed by the ’stop’ on the shaft, therefore, quite safe; but may not be long enough for everyone

Sounds are quite similar to the Henk above – without the ridge.

They are suitable for men & women and they are relatively safe.

Van Buren
These are for the experienced ‘player’ very long sounds especially for reaching the male bladder.

These tools are typically made from surgical stainless steel and are highly polished.

I also read on a thread in a chat room a woman asking if females could sound. Which was a good question considering our pee holes aren’t that visible. But as you can see from the picture below, it is definately possible! Would I ever try it? I dont think so!!!

For a more in depth description or personal experience on sounding read this:


sounding tools info: http://www.pierceit.co.uk/piercing_info/sounding/



~ by SexualNature on January 29, 2009.

37 Responses to “Urethra Sounding…very unnerving sexplay.”

  1. I wouldn’t do that even if someone offered me $1,000,000,000 lol.

    • I wonder where’d a person would even get the balls to try it! I’d be scared shitless staring at those metal rods.

  2. I would try it out. Not that Im in any rush to lol but if I met someone and they were into it and everything was sterile and it was done slowly and carefully I think I would definately give it a chance. It is a little scary but so is anal sex if you ask me.

  3. I think i just threw up in my mouth… UGH.. I’m officially super skeeved out…

  4. Female urethral insertion is a lot more common than many women admit to. I asked my OB about it once and she said that the reason it feels good is because the G-Spot nerve cluster is stimulated from the inside the urethra more easily in some women.

    It is relatively safe, if you don’t put things inside that are filthy. More than one of my friends said that they have masturbated with Pens, Q-tips to makeup brush handles from time to time.

    One of my ex BF’s liked to finger fuck. He tried that on me once, and I thought it wasn’t as bad as I would have thought initially– although I had some residual pain afterwards, but would prolly do it again…

    It’s not for everyone, but it’s nowhere near as uncommon as you would think..

  5. I’m getting a proper sounding kit, probably a Van Buren. For now I use a stainless steel ball chain. It’s long enough to hit my prostate. Mmmmmmmm.

    • Well Im glad your getting a proper kit and not just sticking forks in there lol but I have to ask…how did you first come to find that sounding felt good?

  6. I have done sounding (before I knew It was called that) with various slim objects that I have slipped into the slit of my cock head. I have run a smooth toothbrush handle all up inside me and used it to fuck the inside of my cock to orgasm. It’s a little scary and tight at first but the pleasure build and is a real turn on. I like having the inside of my cock fucked like this. It would be a real turn on to be able to insert a catheter in my dick too.

  7. I am a female who enjoys sounding. I use the stylus for a Nintendo DS (I clean it!!) as it’s a lot thinner. Unfortunately I have to take it out quickly when it gets wet because i’m afraid of it falling in and getting stuck forever x.x I want something better but have nowhere to go around here and no way to buy online. Oh well.

    • go to a craft store and get a plastic long handled thin paintbrush, and sterilize the hell out of it, thats how i started, I am now able to be fucked by my bf after a year of gradual stretching, omg, it is amazing

    • Chrissee,Alot of ladys i have talked to like to use blunt knitting needlesJust be slow and carfull tho!

    • Hi!! I’m aguy and have been sounding for a few years. If you want to buy the ‘correct’ tools look for ‘Henk’ sounds on line. These are made for gals!!

    • Or E-mail me and maybe I can help you get what you need!

  8. I didnt even know what sounding was until a couple days ago but i’ve done it before. I was really freaked the first time i tried it but after trying it i talked to my wife about it and we have some great fun with it now.

  9. I have recently done sounding with a rubber fishing worm that is washed clean each time. Great feeling and fun to see it in there.

  10. It’s Quite a nice feeling,Don’t be scared TRY It.Anyone know of any chat rooms?

    • I think sounding is something more of a fetish, where someone would have to be interested and turned on by the thought or sight of it to actually get involved with it. While it is very interesting, Im not very turned on by the thought of it.

      • Disagree. While being aroused by the idea always helps, the reason it feels good is actually very straightforward physiologically. It allows stimulation of some exquisitely sensitive areas in a manner that would be otherwise impossible. Comes down to simple nerve endings really.

  11. I enjoy a sound in my cock. I have let others watch me insert them, and they are always amazed I can put ten inches of metal inside me without pain. Once it is in, I enjoy standing and letting others look at the end protruding.

  12. i have done some sounding and my girlfriend told me she does also. One time she inserted a 12″ sounding rod into her peehole and had about 9 inches sticking out and asked me to slide the rest into my penis. I gave it a try and wa-la it went inside my pee hole until my peehole was touching hers. I nearly came it was so exciting.

  13. I tried this on my wife and she came within seconds of insertion in a shuttering orgasm i have never seen before.

  14. I enjoy sounding my penis (extremely sterile!) for over 17 years with long stainless steel straight (Dittel) sounds; since 9 years combined with electrostim using the sound as electrode connected to a TENS-unit in combination with a metal anal probe as second electrode. I never had a UTI.

  15. I started “sounding” a couple of months ago with a 6-inch piece of stainless steel from the top of a kids’ plastic coat-hangar. It’s kinda thin, but falls right into my pee-hole, with K-Y jelly lube. Sliding this up and down inside my urethra makes me cum in a few minutes and is by far the best orgasm I’ve felt in a long time.

    I progressed to a nice Miltex Van Buren Sound, but it was only a size 16 FR and like an article I read said, the smaller the Van Buren sound, the more dangerous it can be, like inserting a sharp knitting needle; they were right about that!

    So I’ve just purchased a 26 FR and hope that the bigger, blunter J-curve will be kinder to my urethra and will make its way to my prostate, where I await an even better orgasm. Can’t wait for it to arrive in the mail.

  16. I have been sounding for about twenty years. Not regularly, but sometimes when I get particularly horny. I have used: Rosebud Sounds, table knife handles, rubber tubing, insulated electrical wire, pens, steel rods, tools, catheters, etc. In some cases highly flexible objects (tubing, wire) I have inserted all the way into the bladder until a couple of feet were coiled up inside it. I am always careful to sterilize anything I am going to insert deeply with rubbing alcohol, and have never had a bladder infection from it. Perhaps the most common insertion is the little finger of my left hand. After years of practice the hole was large enough to enable insertion of the entire finger, joints and all.

  17. Be sure to pee right after to rinse out any bacteria. I have never had any problem and I make my own in my metal shop.

  18. Tried sounding and found it very enjoyable. Would like to know what “instruments” others used for sounding? Male and females.

  19. I found sounding about 6 months ago. I had inserted pen hulls in my youth, and other small objects.
    That was a looooooooooonnnnnng time ago. Recently I have revisited the feeling, Blunted knitting needles. 10″ long, 6 to 10mm dia. They worked till I purchased a set of Pratt sounds. OOOOOOOOOHHHHHH what a difference. Lying on the bed and inserting, they just slipped right in to my prostate.

    I washed them 3 times with anti bac hand soap, and dipped in alcohol and used plenty of lube. Great feeling and the feeling of entering my bladder was great.
    Problems have developed and I got rid of my pratts sounds, I do not want to enter my bladder anymore, although I did enjoy it, but, two bleeding events have led me away from that now. I have ordered a set of Hegar sounds. 8″ length, which should not enter my bladder, but I need to feel the weight of the sound slipping into my urethra, That is what feels good to me.

  20. where do you purchase the medical sounds???? have been watching some porn with “sounding” and really turned on…. have used some kitchen metal items, and the feelings were amaziing…. however, the smoother the item, the more comfortable….

  21. I just got my new set of Hegar sounds in , washed them even new in water and bleach .
    Then I wipeped them down again with sterile wipes before adding lubication to them .
    Clean -clean and clean before using is the way I do it .
    These sounds are really nice , I started out with the third size up out of eight sounds I have in my leather pouch .
    It fit right in and slid nicely down my cock just passed my balls .
    Because I’m new two weeks into this sexplay I started out slow .
    Then I decided what the heck I’ll try the next size up and that gave me alittle blood so I stopped and started peeing to flush out my cock .

    Can anyone tell me the best and safest way to sound stretch your cock using sounds .
    I really wanted a larger one down my cock but the sight of blood doesn’t turn me on at all .

    Chaeck back later if anyone has any comments or advice that is good advice and safe .

    Thanks ! James

  22. I’m into pain and i’d like to try it. Preferably I’d like to be tied up and have a beautiful woman do it to me. I hope it would be painful.

  23. i have a set of hegars and i cannot get the 9/10 in i have been trying to slide the 10 in but cannot any one got any ideas to aid it please

  24. I started sounding with a buddy last year, we found it very hot and enjoy long hours of experimenting now, try it if your the adventurious type…you won’t be disappointed in your orgasim..

  25. like to find a chick who likes to sound and dominate me,all the ones ive mentioned it two ,look at me like i was crazy.i feel wrong &dirty doing it myself.not that ive hanent

    put alot of diffenet things in it

  26. Thanks for the info. As a woman trying to explore sounding I have been finding it hard to find what kind of sounds are good for a newbie woman. My first foray was a great success but I am looking to expand. 😀

    Found a suggestion somewhere that women should stick to more flexible shafts…found a silicone sound.

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